The Family Court Process

You live in Florida. If you’re married or have a child while unmarried you may find yourself in Family Court.

The process begins with the filing of a Petition. Once the Petition is filed, then the other side files an Answer with or without a Counter Petition. If there is no Answer or Counter Petition, then you may proceed by asking for a default judgment.

Once initial documents are filed then the next step is to attend mediation.

If no agreement is reached at mediation, then a trial is conducted on all disputed issues.

Prior to trial is the discovery process. That is where you must answer questions under oath and provide documents requested. There is some limited mandatory disclosure, most of which can be waived by agreement.

At any time a complete agreement is reached, the case proceeds to an uncontested final hearing. If no agreement is reached at mediation, either of you can ask for relief pending trial, such as temporary: parenting plan with time sharing schedule, support, attorney’s fees, use of the marital home, etc.

Your costs will depend on how long your case takes to resolve. Once we sit and determine what you and your spouse can’t agree on and how long it will take to prove your case, we can give you an idea of total costs and a litigation budget.Call us at 561-820-0811 or send an email to to arrange a confidential consultation about your case.

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